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Lucky Bat Books publishes fiction and non-fiction that we love, enjoy and want to share with the world. Submit your work for consideration by Lucky Bat Books.

You’ll never give away a percentage of your book to Lucky Bat Books. We can guarantee that, forever, and we think that’s important for professional writers and we know that’s one reason writers choose Lucky Bat Books over a plethora of online options.  We charge a one-time fee for all of the publishing services we offer. And no more. Ever

Why we will never take a percentage: We want to empower you, the author, to stay in charge of your writing business, and the first step to that goal? Hold on to your future profits. Invest now, and not for the rest of the life of your book.

Our Publishing and Editorial Fees


Line editing=$65/hour
Critique by phone or in a report, as opposed to comments through Track Changes with the editing process=$65/hour

Ebook Design & Publishing

Novel  e-book formatting=$250 (including placement with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords, if needed) Graphs, illustrations, photos, links and graphics can be included in your ebook; fees for this work are in addition and based on the graphics provided and complexity required.

Non-fiction, poetry, short story collections, etc., all have ever-evolving ebook technological possibilities; please contact us for an estimate.

Rescue of your ebook conversions; you started it, it’s not working, you need help. We can fix it. $65/hour

Copyright registration=$90

Lucky Bat Books ISBN = $50

Coaching/mentoring authors in setup of accounts on Amazon, etc. under author name, so that all money goes straight to the author =$85

Scanning (contact for estimate)
Scanning with proofing the scan  (contact for estimate)

Print Book Design & Publishing

InDesign book interior design (for print books, designed for CreateSpace POD, IngramSpark, LightningSource or accepted alternative)= $90/hour
CreateSpace, IngramSpark or LightningSource placement:$65/hour

Book Art

E-book Covers

Full cover (art+design) =$300
Cover title and font design only over provided art =$95/hour  (Cover Art must be approved and in necessary sizes, and licenses provided.)
Cover Rescue – you started it, it’s not working, you need help – $95/hr (Contact us to see if your cover can be rescued.)

Print Wraparound Covers

(POD Cover fees include print wraparound cover and e-book cover)
Full cover (art+design)=$520
Cover title and font design only = $95/hr  (Cover Art must be approved and in necessary sizes, and licenses provided.)

Audio Books

Contact us for an estimate. Options include a complete audio package; editing and mastering only; coaching you through the ACX process if you are doing it all yourself.


Please contact us with any questions. We are happy to explain or to provide you with an estimate. Thank you!

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We are here to help you take charge of your professional writing career.