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Lucky Bat Books is seeking multi-faceted professionals to join our successful team of managing editors and sub-contractors. This could be you if you are a freelancer, a sole proprietor, a writing professional who wants to do the work, not the marketing, or simply a skilled individual seeking to team up for greater success.

We make it easy for you to make money.

When you work with Lucky Bat Books, you have the backing of a brand that brings clients to you. That gives  you the freedom to do the work you enjoy and choose the clients with whom you want to work, while we take care of the daily grind of  running and marketing the business.

Do the work you love

With the groundbreaking team at Lucky Bat Books.

You’ll have the depth of more than 30 years of combined publishing experience to support you as you work. And more:

With the support you need to succeed

Training Updates. Lucky Bat Books is leading edge on ebook conversions. If you subcontract for ebook conversions with us, you’ll step into trainings that keep you on top of the ever-changing ebook world.  In print, you’ll be up-to-date on print on demand market and changing requirements.

Client Contacts. You benefit from Lucky Bat Books’ marketing and growing client base of writers. We’re choosy about who we publish and you can be, too, as we screen incoming books, deciding which will be published as Lucky Bat Books. We’re proud of the writers we publish, and you work with talented writers in both fiction and non-fiction.

You Choose. You choose which writers you want to work on, and as a sub-contractor have full support to choose not to work with others. You can work in a specialty such as science fiction or young adult or non-fiction. Or you can spread your wings.

With encouragement to build your skills

Lucky Bat Books as a team encourages you – and enables you – to share your interests and passions, to improve your skills and your sub-contract reputation.

Contact us to see if sub-contracting in one skill area or in managing editing can be something for you.

The tools to let you focus

If you are running a freelance business, then you know and appreciate the tools it takes to make it run professionally. We maintain those tools so you do not have to. A few examples of the work Lucky Bat Books does, all in the background, to make business happen for you:

Maintain and build Lucky Bat Books Website / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Google+ /take care of client invoicing /payments /outreach / maintenance of publishing contracts / membership in professional organizations / networking / marketing / administration / and all the things that make a business succeed and grow.

What skill sets are we seeking?

With everyone who joins our team, except for cover artists, we seek publishing professionals who own more than one skill set. For example, can you layout a print book in InDesign and also copy-edit that book? Can you do ebook conversions/coding and also are proficient at editing? Or possibly you can build WordPress websites and also are a professional editor. Or maybe you can do all of the above. We are all professional writers and editors, but we all also bring at least one additional professional level skill.

Ready to join the team?

Contact Cindie and Judith at Lucky Bat Books via our contact form. And be ready; we’re known for our quick response time. If the form is not working well for you, contact Judith and you can reach her by using just her first name

See some of the experts on the team already here.

And our professional cover artists here.