Free Book – Watch Us Publish Douglas Smith’s Stories

If you are on this page, the reason for it just might be that you saw our notice on Facebook that we are giving away one free e-book per day as we publish Douglas Smith’s stories over the next few days.

Bouquet of Flowers by Doug SmithSimple rules. Just use the blog-like form HERE IN THIS LINK to submit your comment, along with your email address, and we’ll be randomly choosing a responder as our e-book winner of the day. Cutoff time for each day is midnight.

ANOTHER WAY TO WIN A FREE DOUGLAS SMITH E-BOOK: First one to report finding Memories of the Dead Man on Amazon wins a free e-book, format of your choice. (It’s on Smashwords, but Amazon trails behind.)

If you are a Kindle user, you will be able to purchase all of the books you see being published in this group by Lucky Bat Books on Amazon as well as on Smashwords. You’ll just have to have a bit more patience and wait for Amazon to catch up.