What Lucky Bat Books Writers Say About Their Publisher

The first thing I want to say about Lucky Bat is that you can trust them. Trust them to be up to speed with what’s going on in publishing and trust them as people. Like a lot of authors, I found myself in the position of needing to learn how to self-publish, both for old books I have the rights back to and new ones I’m doing myself. However, I realised quite early on that I was going to need professional help. Which is where trust comes in, because I know that Lucky Bat will always guide me towards what I actually need, not try to steer me into paying for services I may not. I strongly believe in the model they’ve built, and I’ve been delighted with the work they’ve done on my books so far. — T.D. (Terry) Edge, author of Bloodjacker, A Bellers Tale, as well as numerous short stories, published by Lucky Bat Books and magazines.

I  never received the same level of responsiveness with my previous  traditional publishers as I have with Lucky Bat–it’s not even close.

The people there are not only supportive, accessible, professionals who, in this time of transition for writers, know their business inside and out; they’ve proven to be teammates in a shared goal of producing a quality book and helping it achieve whatever potential it has.

To date they have published three of my novels, and soon a fourth.

I intend to entrust them with all the rest.

Bruce Fergusson, author of the 6 Kingdom Series, including The Shadow of His Wings, The Mace of Souls and the upcoming Pass on The Cup of Dreams, and also author of suspense novels.

Looking back at the publishing process with Lucky Bat Books, one thing sticks out in my mind. Being a first time author, I often had to put my complete trust in the experience and skill of Cindie, Judith, and that of my Project Manager Jessica. These women were confident, professional and I felt comfortable taking their advice when, due to my lack of experience, I just couldn’t make up my mind. In the end, with their guidance and expertise, I have a product in which I feel exceedingly proud. Dreams come true with Lucky Bat. — Brooke Santina, author of Dishrags to Dirtbags

When I decided to hold the rights to my book I knew I needed help. The prospect of navigating the wild waters of the changing publishing industry was overwhelming and intimidating prior to finding Lucky Bat Books.  The relief was immediate when Lucky Bats stepped onto my ship.  I was able to stay at the helm through every aspect of turning my manuscript into a book.  I now have a book I am proud of.  The only difference between how my book looks, inside and out, and a book that was published by a major house is that money from sales comes into my bank account.  Everyone I dealt with at Lucky Bat Books was professional, flexible, supportive and highly skilled.  I couldn’t be happier.  I wholeheartedly recommend them.  — Diane Benscoter, author of Shoes of A Servant: My Unconditional Devotion to a Lie

I happened on Lucky Bat Books when Cindie Geddes spoke at my writer’s group. It was perfect timing as I’d just decided to stop beating my head against the “query and wait, query and wait,” wall and look for a smaller publisher. Lucky Bat has been like a midwife for me. In four years I’ve published four novels and my fifth is in the wings. I could still be sitting in the “query and wait” cue, but instead, I’m learning, and growing, and selling books! Thank you for everything Lucky Bat!  — Jacci Turner, author of The Birthright Series and The Finding Home Series

Working with Lucky Bat has been a dream.  I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm, professionalism, marketing plan, but most importantly: vision. — Des Zamorano, author of Human Cargo

… had a comment on an Amazon UK review that mentioned the perfect Kindle formatting of my ebooks. Thx for the great job! — Douglas Smith, author of science fiction, urban fantasy, and more, in short story and novel lengths

Even though I’ve been a best-selling business book author, Santa Dog was my first children’s book — a whole new arena for me. Lucky Bat Books took me from story idea to published book. They helped me with a beautiful cover, a new Web site, marketing, and keeping my enthusiasm going through each step. They made it easy and fun, too. — Garrett Sutton, pen name G.Z. Sutton, author of Santa Dog: The Incredible Adventures of Santa & Denby

The postman arrived yesterday morning with a most unexpected surprise in the form of the CS proof copy of The Obsidian Pebble. Many thanks for sending that on to me, it is much appreciated.
It’s terrific and as much as I dared hope for. — RA Jones, author of The Obsidian Pebble

Thanks so much for all the work on this. The book is so much stronger from your insightful, fantastic help…p.s. Did I mention you’re brilliant? I love the work you did on the novel [Julie Ricks]. Just wanted to mention it again.
—Sean Monaghan, author of ROTATIONS