Patti Doty

Patti Doty

Patti Doty is a Nevada native. Although she won prizes for writing while she was a student, she chose a career in medicine as a physician assistant and marriage and family therapist. But she never abandoned her first love, and in 2013, she published her first Quinn DeMello novel, Runaway.

Her second book in the Quinn DeMello series, Finding Home, was published by Lucky Bat Books in spring 2017. It’s available in print and ebook.

Retired now, Patti travels widely—most recently spending time in Washington, DC; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Maui, Hawaii—always looking for new locations for her characters and their stories of love and change. When she’s not circumnavigating the globe, Patti can be found at home in Northern Nevada, where she lives with her standard poodle, Izzy.

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