Russ Crossley

Author of Science Fiction, Humor & Satire

The Last Serial Killer by Russ CrossleyRuss Crossley writes science fiction under his own name, paranormal romantic comedies as R.G. Hart, and mystery as R.G. Crossley. Several of his short stories have appeared in anthologies from Pocket Books and St Martins Press. Lucky Bat Books is proud to be the publisher of some of his work — science fiction to horror to humor. They’re all good reads!

The Last Serial Killer

“A futuristic suspenseful page turner about a killer who enjoys his grisly work.” — R.S. Meger, Author of The Scarlet Curse.

In the not-too-distant future, medical advances rid the world of serial killers forever — all except one, The Last Serial Killer. That killer is about to wreak havoc. Using right-wing radio host and Gulf War III veteran Todd Road as an unwilling conduit to aliens who claim he’s innocent, the killer gets out of prison.

Todd and FBI agent Angela Cody join forces to recapture the killer—encountering a bloody trail of bodies, a future America thrown into chaos by fear and confusion, and deadly marauders bent on murder — and following clues to a final, twisted, horrifying end.

A story of suspense blending murder and justice with a dash of science fiction unlike anything you’ve ever read.

Attack of the Lushites

Attack of the Lushites by Russ Crossley

Attack of the Lushites takes Russ’ readers into a gourmand’s delight of comic Sci Fi. We’re thrilled here at Lucky Bat Books to be publishing his book. Love the cover by artist Charles Nemitz (one of our own!). And, Russ, we’re still laughing. Chuckling. Pass the ketchup.

About Attack of the Lushites

SynopsisIn this thrilling, adventure-laden, grease-stained, booze-soaked comedy spanning the galaxy of tomorrow, two unlikely heroes find each other as they struggle to save addiction for all human and alien kind.

Join fast food junkie, Jalapeno Popover, and booze-hound Bud Wiser, as their two cultures clash in a titanic meeting of two inter-galactic species so different it’s just plain goofy.

Attack of the Lushites tells the harrowing story of mail clerk, Jal Popover who, at risk of losing his fat-and-sassy job forever, must deliver the first mail received in six hundred years. It must be bad news.

The Lushites are coming! The Lushites are coming! What should we do? Where should we hide? Aw, screw it. Let’s have lunch…

Russ Crossley’s novel, Bachelorette Zombie Edition, was published by Sapphire Blue Publishing in 2010. His second novel, Antique Virgin, as R.G. Hart, was published on March 27, 2011 by Sapphire Blue Publishing.

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