Morgan’s Mill by Bruce Fergusson

Morgan’s Mill by Bruce Fergusson

New Suspense Novel by the author of The Piper’s Sons

Morgan's Mill by Bruce FergussonJust published by Lucky Bat Books is Morgan’s Mill by Bruce Fergusson — whose  psychological suspense novel, The Piper’s Sons, made the USA Today and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists, and was nominated for best novel by the Pacific Northwest Booksellers’ Association.

In this new suspense book, Fergusson tells a contemporary story of corrosive control, psychotic possessiveness, retribution and redemption, seamlessly weaving in Civil War and Underground Railroad history.

The story: In pursuing the mystery of his grandfather’s disappearance, Thomas Morgan discovers shocking secrets beneath the family’s soon-to-be-razed gristmill that have linked two families in a deadly symbiosis going back to the Civil War, secrets that will thrust Morgan—and the woman he loves—squarely in the sights of a psychopath.


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