Rhys A Jones

Author of Mysteries for Kids

With both the Artefact series for YA and the upcoming Merryweather series for Middle Grade, Rhys A Jones is entering the kids book market with spooky stories, haunted houses and some cunning folk of the backcountry.

The Curse of Borage-Doone (Second Book of the Merryweather Mystery Series)

The Curse of Borage-Doone by Rhys A JonesSam’s Gran wins a contest run by her favourite TV chef. But things aren’t what they seem. There are things wandering Edinburgh’s dark alleys that would love to turn Sam into their dish of the day. Old grudges surface and Sam’s courage is about to be severely tested. But what he doesn’t know is that there’s an ancient prize at stake …The Curse of Borage-Doone.

The Obsidian Pebble (First Book of the Artefact Series)

Oz Chambers lives in a haunted house. His mother wants to move, but Oz would rather do double algebra (yuck) every day for twelve months than leave. When he and his friends hear ghostly footsteps, it leads to a search for the strange artefacts that are the source of the old place’s eerie reputation. But what Oz hasn’t bargained for  is that he’s not alone in that search and that solving Penwurt’s puzzles will lead to other, much darker secrets…

The Dreables (First Book of the Merryweather Mystery Series)

Dreables by Rhys A JonesSam Jones’ holiday with Gran is all baking and cats (yawn). But when she gets a cry for help from her old village, everything changes. Something bad is happening and only Gran can fix it. But when she falls victim to a shapeshifter’s trick, Sam is left alone with just dog, cat and cherry bakewells. Things look bleak..But the Dreables haven’t bargained for Gran’s secret gift to Sam. Cunning

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About Rhys A Jones

Rhys A Jones was born in 1955 and grew up in a mining village in South Wales with his nose in a book and his head in the clouds. He managed to subdue his imagination long enough to carve out a career in medicine, writing whenever the chance arose. In 1994, writing as Dylan Jones, he published his first scary book for adults, a thriller, which was subsequently made into a two-part film by the BBC. Other scary books followed.

A growing desire to move away from adult thrillers and write for children is what currently preoccupies him. The Obsidian Pebble is the first in a quintet featuring eleven-year-old Oz Chambers whose family inherits a ‘haunted’ house. Rhys A Jones has three grownup children who have emerged remarkably unscathed into adulthood. When not writing, he practices medicine and lives in darkest West Wales with his understanding (very) wife and two dogs

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The Obsidian Pebble book cover by Lucky Bat Books cover artist Charles Nemitz.

The Dreables and The Curse of Borage Doone book cover design by Luck Bat Books cover artist Theresa Rose.