Love Stings by Robert Bucchianeri

Love Stings by Robert Bucchianeri

Latest Novel by Robert Bucchianeri Explores Obsession, Revenge and Beekeeping

Love Stings by Robert Bucchianeri

Robert Bucchianeri is the author of the suspense thriller, Between a Smile and a Tear, the mystery, Acapella Blues, and now, the erotic suspense thriller, Love Stings.

The Story

Elizabeth Jane Berg, a refugee from her own childhood, is a beekeeper leading a quiet life on Cape Cod. She’s tormented by painful memories and suppressed anger. When she meets Monica, a mysterious woman without a past, a vessel brimming with desire and ambition, Elizabeth begins to unravel. A fuse is lit triggering a devious plot that  spirals out of control and ultimately ensnares Elizabeth and her whole family in an all consuming tragedy.

We love beginnings, and this one begins exceptionally well:

Father will be here soon.
I am prepared now, at last.
My mind is quiet now, finally.

So opens Love Stings, as Elizabeth Jane Berg, a refugee from her own childhood, recounts the plan, the plot, she initiates after she meets Monica,  a woman without a past, who has killed Elizabeth’s little brother and is about to sleep with her father.

Something cruel lay within me, something that should never have been indulged, a coldness blowing in a corner of my soul, as punishing as a January on the Cape.

Love Stings is a sunlit noir set on Cape Cod’s beaches and in Connecticut’s toney suburbs. It is a story of familial betrayal, obsession, revenge, and beekeeping.

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