Des Zamorano

Author of Human Cargo, a Novel Published by Lucky Bat Books

Des Zamorano is a playwright, Pushcart Prize nominee  and novelist with a deep understanding and affection for Pasadena and the Los Angeles area. She’s also a fan of krav maga and vodka, just not at the same time.

Books and Stories by Des Zamorano

Human Cargo by Des ZamoranoHuman Cargo, PI Inez Leon Novel

The story:

Dynamic, Hispanic PI Inez Leon teams up with Kiril Levertov, gaining access to Pasadena’s Russian community in order to find a missing family.   She uncovers a culture of underground nightclubs and virtual slavery, as well the high price of a passage into this country. It’s up to Inez to find and free the trio.

Quickie, a short story featuring Human Cargo PI Inez Leon.

Quickie by ZamoranoThe story:

When PI Inez Leon takes an instant disliking to a lech, watch out!

This short story, originally published in Rose City Sisters, includes an excerpt of the first novel in the Inez Leon series, Human Cargo.

The author’s website: