So you’ve got a new novel out, do you send out a press release? Worthwhile or not?

Yes, write a press release.

Get it propagated around the Web via the free online distribution channels. Make sure it has a link back to your site. Keywords. Things like that — so you get some juice from the effort. Lots of press releases are written for the Web, not journalists. But journalists pick them up, too. This is good. Lots of bang for the buck on a good e-book press release.

Also, it goes into your author press kit and online on your media page as a link to one of the best places that it was published. More bang.

Press Releases Take a Few Minutes – Have Lots of Uses

Definitely Worthwhile. A press release should take just an hour or under to write and it is one of the underpinnings to the press you get online. It can also be used when you connect with a blog, say you’re going to do a guest blog and you want to send them something professional about you and/or your book.

Use your press release (or versions of it) when:

  • You send a book for review
  • Seek an online radio interview
  • Connect with a blog as a potential guest blogger
  • You seek book signings and speaking gigs
  • Create an event in your online marketing of book signings & speaking gigs
  • Submit an item to local papers for calendars of events
  • Approach a local, regional or national publication for review consideration and/or author interview
  • Oh, and so much more. I’m sure you’ll think of many not on this list. Send them in. They’re all good.

A press release makes you look more professional, also makes you more professional as you are paying attention to the other side of being an author – the public side / marketing side. This can be overlooked only at your peril. It is why publishers look for that section in your proposal that says what you can and will do to market your book, should they decide to publish it.

People are finding books in lots of new ways, and the world of books seems chaotic, but some things have not changed. One is that a simple press release, used well, increases your presence on the Web and makes it easier for readers to find your book.

Write it once. Use it 100 times. That’s the value of a press release.

Thanks for the question. — You inspired me to put thoughts on paper. As always, hoping that’s helpful.

2 Responses to “So you’ve got a new novel out, do you send out a press release? Worthwhile or not?”

  1. I’m grateful for this article as my media kit has just been sitting on my website while I try to decide what to do with it. This gives me a better sense of direction.

    • Judith says:

      Fabulous. Glad this article helped. So much to know when you’re running a writing business!